Housing Development

SWIDA’s commitment to the promotion and creation of affordable housing opportunities for the people of Bond, Clinton, Madison and St. Clair counties has come to the forefront of the Authority’s operations and focus.  The Authority is currently undergoing a strategic business planning process specific to housing development initiatives and further building its capacity in this role. Furthermore, SWIDA has built very strong relationship within this industry and is highly capable of assembling and managing high performing teams of financial partners, designers, builders, property managers and professional services consultants that ensure its housing development activities are highly successful.

As indicated above, SWIDA has been actively working in support of and financing affordable housing developments of many kinds throughout its service area. SWIDA’s leadership has identified this a key area of future focus for the Authority. As such, SWIDA has taken a more active role in housing development, specifically as a sponsor and co-sponsor, of tax credit financed residential developments. To fulfill its goals in this regard, the agency has increased their capacity with the creation and filling of a Housing Director position as well as the engagement of a solid development partner and consultant. Both of these actions bring individuals and partners to the Authority with extensive housing development and financing experience.